Sunday, April 1, 2012

GOP to Latinos: Risk your life for us, but no voting privileges for you

My most recent post at AMERICAblogGay:
The GOP might as well rename Sen. Marco Rubio's proposed DREAM Act alternative the PESADILLA Act (or the NIGHTMARE Act, for you non-Spanish-speaking folks), because that's all it really adds up to be.

Faced with an increasingly-distant Latino voting bloc (a Fox News Latino poll gives President Obama the upper-hand, 70% to 14% over Mitt Romney), Republicans are considering offering a watered-down DREAM Act, one that would legalize undocumented immigrants who serve in the military or go to college, but offers absolutely zero chance at eventual citizenship.

By comparison, the DREAM Act would grant undocumented immigrants who have completed college or military service permanent residency with a path to citizenship.

Yes, this is what Rubio and his Republican colleagues are telling Latinos: We're hoping you're foolish enough to fall for a terrible version of the bill we killed in Congress. Oh, you should also consider putting your life on the line for us, but we still don't trust you enough to be able to vote. After all, what if you vote for the other guy?

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