Saturday, May 12, 2012

An irrelevant blog post about the irrelevant Bristol Palin

In a scathing post, "16 and Pregnant" star and single mom Bristol Palin slammed President Barack Obama's endorsement of marriage equality, claiming families made up of same-sex parents are not suitable and instead "kids do better growing up in a mother/father home."

Or in her case, an absent father/reality-show-star mom home.

Palin, who has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting abstinence while privately saying abstinence is "not realistic at all," claims that the president's actions are in direct opposition to "thousands of years of thinking about marriage."

I don't seem to recall dragging-your-reluctant-baby-daddy-fiancé-Levi-Johnston-to-the-2008-Republican-National-Convention-and-then-him-impregnating-another-non-wife-after-breaking-off-your-second-engagement as fulfilling the Biblical definition of marriage, but whatever you say, Bristol.

While I'll give Bristol the benefit of the doubt and say that her thinking is based on her faith's teachings and not on flat-out bigotry, it's interesting that Bristol neglects to mention that if the Bible condemns homosexuality, it equally condemns her pre-marital sexual relationship, which resulted in an unexpected pregnancy.

I suppose since it's heterosexual fornication, Bristol figures she can overlook it.

Furthermore, Bristol denounces the president's decision to consult his own teenage daughters on the marriage equality issue. While the Obama girls clearly showed the president their support of equality for their fellow Americans, Bristol is sure it doesn't compare to the patriotism of her own younger sister Willow, who infamously called another teen a "faggot" over Facebook.

Truly, a Christian family, those Palins.

Additionally, Bristol also neglected to mention that while she was frowning on the Obama girls' involvement in national policy, her mother Sarah admitted to consulting her own kids as to whether or not to run for President of the United States (she ultimately decided not to and focus instead on more lucrative TV show deals).

It's unclear what a young woman like Bristol would have against a child having same-sex parents. But we are a nation made up of religious freedom. And if Bristol believes that her child is best raised by a single, unmarried mom busy filming reality shows and an absent father who appeared naked in a trashy magazine and has now impregnated another woman out-of-wedlock, then so be it.

God bless America.

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