Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sarah Palin hates the WHCD event assclowns. Except for when she attended in 2011

Oh, Sarah Palin.

I'm soon reaching a point where I'll no longer be able to write about Alaska's most famous unemployed hillbilly without gagging -- even at this blog, where my readership extends to only my mom -- but I couldn't resist this gem.

Last night, the Quitter-in-Chief angrily tweeted about the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner (no Facebook post though -- in between sharing cat pictures, those are reserved for world events only). It seems Sarah was irritated that even Newt Gingrich and his latest wife were extended invitations, but nothing managed to make its way to Wasilla:

Funny. Sarah didn't seem to feel that way when her husband Todd attended WHCD events in 2009:

She also didn't remember to call out the event when she attended WHCD after-parties in 2011:

I'm sure it simply slipped Sarah's mind, especially after that drink from Maddow at the "lamestream media" MSNBC party:

Jealousy is a hell of drug.

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  1. LOL. Poor wittle Gabe, a SF nobody telling others of jealousy while showing extreme symptoms of jealousy against a successful woman. Get well Gabe, and practice those wrist-bends...