Thursday, April 18, 2013

When it comes to Texas, everything is bigger. Including the greed

Texas Governor Rick Perry want his federal disaster dollars, and he wants them now.

"We greatly appreciate [President Obama's] call, and his gracious offer of support, of course, and the quick turnaround of the emergency declaration that will be forthcoming, and his offer of prayers," Perry said at a press conference following the tragic explosion at a fertilizer plant in Waco earlier this week.

It's quite a change from the Rick Perry of GOP presidential primary yesteryear, who not only railed on imaginary claims of overblown federal spending during his short-lived campaign, but also threatened to secede from the United States (if only he could remember how to).

None of that matters now apparently. Rick wants his federal bucks. No matter that he once called President Obama's stimulus "failed," and then took $17.4 billion in stimulus to plug the hole in his state's budget -- twice.

No matter that those same evil stimulus dollars saved or created 50,000 jobs in his state.

No matter that Texas remains the number one recipient of USDA farm subsidies, having received $25.9 billion in federal funds from 1995-2011.

And, worst of all, no matter that Texas' delegation in Congress voted AGAINST Hurricane Sandy aid. That includes Senator Ted Cruz, who dared to call the relief "pork."

When it comes to Texas, everything is bigger. Including the greed.

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